Floor Warriors utilizes the versatile application of the SANI-TRED system. SANI-TRED PermaFlex™, is a liquid polyurethane coating that penetrates deeply into and will bond permanently to properly prepared concrete, wood, aluminum, steel, and some plastics, as well as most all other standard building materials. PermaFlex will never bubble, chip, peel, crack, or delaminate from vehicle traffic, exposure to extremes of ambient heat up to 121°C cold, or Negative Hydrostatic Pressure. Our PermaFlex liquid rubber coating is environmentally safe, solvent free, non-flammable, and low VOC. PermaFlex is extremely durable with 2,030 psi tensile strength. This liquid rubber sealant can be brushed, rolled or even sprayed on.

PermaFlex liquid rubber coating penetrates deeply into the pores of the building materials, then cures as tough as a truck tire therefore it is impossible for Sani-Tred products to ever bubble, peel or delaminate. The flexible penetration allows this liquid rubber sealant to hold back extreme negative hydrostatic pressure without failure!

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Residential Waterproofing in Thomasville

We can waterproof and repair: